Aug 24, 2010

Sucker Sauce

I call this creation Sucker Sauce, as is "Ha, ha! Do you have any idea how many vegetables you just ate? Sucker."

First you chop up a huge CSA yellow squash, a few CSA onions, and an obnoxiously huge eggplant from your mom's garden. You combine it with a jar of store bought pasta sauce, and simmer the mixture over medium-low heat until the vegetables are soft.

Like this:

Then, you take your immersion blender and mix it all together until the added vegetables are virtually indistinguishable.

See? You can't even tell they're there:

Jared and James ate it right up, even though they both say they'd rather eat boogers than eggplant.

Even Maggie liked it, and she's most definitely the pickiest eater in our house:

Now go trick your kids. It's more fun than date night.


  1. OK, I love this blog. You have so many easy, EASY ideas ... I love to cook and love the Farmer's Market, but I get way too overwhelmed looking at all the veggies and thinking about how much time it takes to make them. This? This I can handle ... thanks for sharing your ideas. And your humor!

  2. I tell myself that I read your blog for the veggie recipes and the jokes, but really I just can't get over how cute your baby is.