*(as long as your wildest dreams involve a whole lot of carrots)

Are you curious about what it would be like to be a member of a CSA?
Do you kind of want to take the plunge, but you're a little too wimpy to commit?
If you could, would you dip your toe in and try it out?

Well, guess what???!!! You're in luck!

You can win one week of a CSA share from Long Meadow Farm in West Gardiner, Maine!

Now listen up and pay attention to the details...

1. You've gotta like vegetables. A lot.

2. You must be willing and able to pick up the share directly from Long Meadow Farm in West Gardiner, Maine on Thursday, August 5th between 2pm and 8pm.

3. The winner will be randomly selected by a member of the Long Meadow Farm family on Thursday, July 29th and will be announced that evening.

4. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this page that includes your name, your email address, and the reason you're interested in trying out a CSA.

It's not a Toyota Prius, but it's almost as good--so please, pass the word along to your family and friends who live in the area.


  1. takes a a bit of frugalness and planning to feed this big hungry bunch on local, organic food so we weigh our options each spring. We have never tried a CSA before...thought about it but never actually did it. We have visited Long Meadow Farm though, open farm day, I think!

  2. Well...I think it's *better* than a Prius:)
    I have actually picked your brochure before but then it gets lost in the pile on my desk and found in December or some other time when we are thinking about heat or holidays and not next season's produce.
    Deb @

  3. Nicole

    I've wanted to try a CSA for a few years now. I wasn't sure where to find one. Now I know! Is it too late to buy a share this year?

  4. We did a CSA for 2 years, 2 years ago and it helped my husband drop 50 points off his cholesterol. Now I am juicefeasting and spending LOTS of money on local and conventional produce. Also, our 3 children are learning to love the greens!

  5. I'll sign up for your penne/garlic scape pesto!!


    My family and I have been interested in trying a CSA for many years, but have never known how to get started. Maybe this is our chance??

  7. Greetings,
    Dawn Mulcahy

    This is the first year we have tried to go organic and the $$$ is incredible...if we could be part of a CSA, it would most likely save us money and it would help a local farmer...a win-win situation :-)

  8. What a great idea! I would love to try this, I certainly love veggies and am all over the organic thing.

  9. This is a wonderful idea and I would like to be included for a change to try it.

  10. I never heard of a CSA until reading about yours. Sounds VERY if only I could get my family to eat something besides hot dogs. LOL


  11. Brianne
    Things I like:
    1. Vegetables...duh.
    2. Cupcakes...will a CSA give me cupcakes?
    3. they have barn cats?
    4. Vodka...I'm on month 6 of 9 and I really miss it.
    5. Nutella...just because.

    OH! And I like Amy too!!

  12. I would love to be considered for this. I love to process vegetables and fruits by canning and freezing, etc. I would like to see if it is worth my while to join so that I can save money throughout the year and be able to use the extra to help others. Thank you for considering me for this contest.

  13. ooooh sounds great. local and able to scoop up a load of yummy goodness. i've been hesitant to join as CSA for fear that I would spend $ on beautiful veggies that would end up going to waste. We currently commit to spending $20/week at the portland farmers market to get the items we know we'll use. this would be a great chance to see if we really should join a csa!

    thanks long meadow farm!

  14. I'd love to win a weeks worth of fresh organic veggies to feed my family.


  15. I don't live in Maine but my sister does and I am coming to visit so can I win? If I can't quite be there on the 5th could she get it for me? I very fluid when it comes to making plans. Also, Amy, do you want to go to lunch when I am there? I understand if this weirds you out. It's kinda weird. ;-) Erin
    aebradley5 at hotmail dot com

  16. Erin--As long as your sister can pick it up on the 5th, you can absolutely be in the contest!

    I'll email you about lunch...

  17. I wanted to join a CSA this year, but it came at a bad time for us. This would be a great way to see if this is something we would like, not to mention eating the right foods is critical for my son! Thank you!


  18. dear Amy,

    I <3 you and would <3 even more if you pick me! Also it would avoid me feeding my family goldfish crackers for dinner and calling it fish chowder!

  19. I would love to win!! I am an organic lovin' Mama of 6 children and my friend, Susan, has told me how awesome CSA is and it would be great to be able to try it out!!!!!! Pick me! Pick me!!! :D I'm in Augusta, so I can throw (ya...pretty much literally) my kids in the van and drive out there anytime! No matter what, it's great you are doing this! Now I am going to go and read more on your blog!! Susan said it's great too! ;-)

  20. Kira Mattox
    Thanks so much for this blog, Amy... I've been wanting to make healthier food for my family for a while, and your blog has not only shown me that it is possible, but how to do it too!

    I would like to join your CSA next summer and I think winning a week would be a great way to "test the water" and show my husband and kids how great it would be. I'm concerned about unhealthy and genetically modified food and want to change my family's diet to be based more on organics and healthful choices.

  21. I am a vegetarian who has yet to find a CSA to join since moving here a year and a half ago! I also <3 kale!

    Tara Merrill

    btw... Amy, your blogs are the BEST!