Jun 15, 2011

Teacher, we appreciate you! So here's your...uh...spinach.

No seriously, I gave James's kindergarten teacher (who happens to be the most amazing kindergarten teacher on the planet) a bag and a half of spinach as an end-of-the-year thank you gift.

But this isn't the teacher gift. This is pork chops, potato salad, and wilted spinach with carmelized onions and sesame seeds:

This isn't the teacher gift either. This is a regular old taco, with half a bag of spinach mixed in with the meat. I swear to you up and down, if you chop it up small, it pretty much disappears:

Now this, THIS, is the teacher gift:

A spinach stromboli with whole wheat crust, and a bag of CSA salad:

My mom was a kindergarten teacher for 20+ years, and I still remember the year someone made her dinner as a last-day-of-school gift. She was way happy. I wanted to make James's teacher way happy...and use up my spinach, so voila!

Next year? Hot dogs.


  1. LOL! Way to kill two birds with one stone... I love it :)

  2. What?! No spinach stromboli recipe?! Damn.... By the way, how'd the "vegan for a month" thing go?