Jun 10, 2011

Week 1: Holy Stinkin' Spinach!

Check it out. The first week's haul:

We've got carrots, beets, radishes, two bags of salad greens, and six, that's right, SIX bags of spinach. Just call me figgin' Popeye. The great thing about spinach is that it blanches into nothing (like a pillowcase sized bag will fit in a little ziplock) and freezes for up to a year. Really awesome for using in sauce, or lasagna, or quiche in the middle of the winter.

Don't worry, it's okay if you find yourself saying, "What in the crap is blanching?" Just click here for a step by step tutorial.

When I got home from the CSA pick-up, around three o'clock, I was hungry. Instead of my usual afternoon pudding cup, I had this:

And this:

The top one is clearly a salad with CSA spinach, CSA carrots, cashews, and bleu cheese. The second one is homemade bread with herbs and last year's CSA garlic. I have two more bulbs left.

And this is a spinach omelet for breakfast.

One handful of spinach gone, fifty-million handfuls to go. I'm open to suggestions.....


  1. I made creamed spinach last night. It was wonderful and if you cook an entire bag, you could freeze the leftovers.

  2. http://lybbertfamily.blogspot.com/2011/02/remember-when-i-said-i-would-share-with.html
    One of my favorite uses of Spinach...

  3. Green Smoothie! Pack as much as you can fit in a blender, apple juice, ice, and frozen grapes!