Feb 14, 2011

Social Situations

February 14, 2011

If I ever wake up and find that I've gained 800 pounds over night, I'll blame it entirely on these things:

And if you ever wake up and decide to quit the internet cold turkey, it will probably be due to the fact that I have a new laptop with a built-in webcam.

As if my camera photography wasn't crappy enough, right?

So I made it through the weekend, and I can promise you up and down that social situations are the hardest. I mean seriously, what's the answer when I get invited to a new super-Southern friend's house for dinner, and the menu is pulled-pork, baked beans with bacon, and hush-puppies?

The answer is that there is no good answer.

For me personally, my priority was on being a gracious guest, so I ate it. And it was good. But honestly, I don't crave or miss animal stuff at all. I can't even begin to tell you how surprised I am.

I ate at my in-laws' house on Sunday night, and the menu was pork roast, au gratin potatoes, and green beans. I didn't feel bad turning things down over there. They're known me for ten years, and I've given them at least 150,000 other reasons to not like me. But they do like me, and couldn't give a bear's behind about what I was putting on my plate.

I offered to make a salad to go with the meal. I ate that with a bunch of almonds on top, green beans with margarine, and applesauce. I love meat, and I love cheesy potatoes, so it wasn't easy to say no, but I did it.

If you're curious, the week is shaping up to look like this as far as dinners go:

Bean burritos w/ homemade salsa
Vegan pancakes or waffles
Indian food with cashews
Pasta w/ salad
Asian stir fry with tofu (this will be pushing it with Jared....)
Omlettes with sweet potato homefries (don't know what I'll do while they're eating the eggs...)

So there ya go. I'm here, I'm alive, and I think this would be pretty easy if social situations didn't exist.

Any advice????

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  1. I went vegan for about 2 months from September through November. I finally gave up around the holidays precisely because it seemed impossible to stay vegan at all the social events.

    So for now, I still eat vegan when I cook for myself or when it's an easy option. But I am sort of a "flexitarian" at other times; I'll eat what is offered without complaint.