Feb 8, 2011

Time to Sign Up!

February 8, 2011

It's quiet around here in the winter, huh? I guess you can't plant beets under all this snow. Or maybe you can. This is why I'm a member of a CSA--I have no clue how to grow anything that contains chlorophyll.

I thought I'd give you all a reminder that it's time to sign up for this summer's 2011 CSA at Long Meadow Farm. If you and your family are WIC or foodstamp recipients, you'll be pretty excited to know that the farm is participating in a grant program this year. Visit their page and the information is easy to find.

And if you're not local, now's the time to find a CSA in your area. Just google it!

Believe it or not, my basement freezer's still stocked will all kinds of CSA goodness. Just this week I made ziti with summer squash and chard/basil pesto (What the hell is this? August?), and minestrone soup with CSA green beans. We're still going strong with our blanched kale, and I just used up the last of the crushed tomatoes in some chili. And believe it or not, I'd say we still have seven or eight bulbs of garlic in the basket on our counter.

I wish I had the steam to take pictures of this stuff all year round, but hoo boy, I'm only one woman.

In other news, I recently took a Thirty Day Vegan pledge. I'm on day three, and so far so good. My colon loves me. I'm not sure what will happen beyond the thirty days, but right now, I'm just thinking as far as lunch.

If you guys are interested (I don't even know if anyone is out there anymore), I can post some of my recipes and meal idea on this site.  My orzo with mushrooms was way freaking good. Butter can kiss my ass, because I didn't miss it one bit! We'll see if I'm still laughing at butter in a month--I might be tearing off the wax paper and licking the stick on March 5th.

Also, I might post some reviews about new foods and products that I find. For example, I just ordered this from amazon.com:
Looks like sludge in a bag, doesn't it? It's actually hemp protein powder.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here, but I'm usually training for a marathon. After long runs, I used to chug down a glass of whey protein (blech, blech, wretch), but in the name of saving the baby animals, I'm switching to hemp. Apparently you can wipe your bum, with hemp, too.

Very mysterious.

So. If anyone's out there, and they're the teensiest bit interested in watching a girl who would sell her soul for a Dunkin' Donut take on a vegan diet for the next four weeks, let me know.


  1. Oh please do share! I'm a long time lurker and first time commenter and would love to hear about your vegan adventures (enjoyed hearing about your CSA experience last year too!). Is your whole family going vegan for the month? I follow your other blog too and your running totally inspired me, thank you! I've run 3 5ks, a 10k, and registered for my first half for this summer. So thank you! Thank you! Love your blogs! I could go on gushing, but I'll stop now....

  2. Please share. I'm not to the point of going vegan yet, but I'm seriously considering going completely vegetarian.

    Thanks for the CSA reminder. I found one locally last fall that I plan on getting in on this spring.

  3. Yes please do share! I'm not on the vegan bandwagon but we have eliminated a lot of meat from our diets. We joined our first CSA last Fall and I have just signed up again for Spring. You are the reason we tried the CSA and we love it!

  4. I'm interested! I'd love to read the Amy view of vegan.

  5. I am very interested and would love to see a recipe that made you mock butter.

  6. Definitely share! I love reading everything you post, and in fact, just shared this blog with Charlotte of The Great Fitness Experiment, as she was having a terrible experience with her own CSA. If you can get good produce in Maine, I'm sure she can in Minnesota! Your blog inspires us all :)

  7. Yes please! I've recently took a similar pledge, though not quite as strict, I'm doing at least 2 meals a day have to be raw, and the snacks I eat have to be healthy.

    I could use all the recipes you have :-)
    Plus, you're blogs are always fun to read!