Sep 30, 2010

I'm a Carrot!

Check it out! I'm a carrot!

I insisted on being the carrot since it was the only vegetable with a hat. Everyone was saying that my sister-in-law is supposed to be lettuce, but those people obviously aren't members of a CSA. Clearly, Alicia is a bok choy.

I've got to say, the vegetable that has (surprisingly) proven to be the most challenging this summer, is cabbage:

We seem to get cabbage every week. I'm not sure how to preserve it, and other than salads and cole slaw, I'm not even sure how to eat it. But this week, I made a giant pot of Cabbage and Beef Soup, and it totally hit the spot:

I added some CSA celery to the mix, and used stew meat instead of ground beef, but other than that, I followed the recipe to the letter.

I made of loaf of Gorgonzola Bread with Kale to go with it:

If that looks good to you, check out the recipes tab, follow the directions for Spinach and Feta Bread, and switch it out for kale and gorgonzola. Yumm-o.

Seriously. So good.

Last night it was unseasonable summerish, so we ate outside on the deck:

We had a grilled chicken, a CSA salad, CSA sweet potato fries, and the rest of the bread:

Those are baked sweet potato fries and they're way good.

...especially as leftovers with breakfast.


  1. That cabbage soup looks delicious! You could also try cabbage rolls - Yum!

  2. So I havent tried making these yet, they look good and use 8cups of cabbage and can be frozen for later use. check it out

  3. How did you bake the sweet potato fries to get them to be less soft/more like real fries?

  4. Everything looks delicious!

    But dude, did you forget that cabbage night is coming up?!?!?! Save it up and pelt your neighbors' homes, garages, cars and lawn ornaments!

  5. Kel--This is why I keep yu around.

    Andrea--I'm completely making those next week!

    Meredith--I stuck 'em under the broiler for 2 minutes, mixed them around and put them under for another 3ish minutes. Made them nice and crispy.

  6. Mock Cabbage Rolls. Usually have leftovers that freeze well.

  7. try looking up Russian Soup recipies for Shi and Borscht. They both use cabbage (and in the case of borscht, they use a TON of other vegetables too). If we had a CSA, I'd have to decline on most of the cabbage. I can't even look at the stuff without getting an awful case of gas.


    Seriously, this alive and tangy stuff is good on everything - forget out sausage! I eat the stuff raw every day and add it to salads instead of needing a dressing. In two weeks you'll have the best stuff in the world if you just chop it up with some onions, a bit of garlic and sprinkle some salt as you go. Maybe do a youtube search for Sandor Kats, or Sandorkraut, the guy has a whole book on how to safely ferment.