Sep 9, 2010

Soup & Sandwich

Still have that damn daikon radish hanging around in my fridge. Maybe I'll tackle it for lunch. Or maybe I'll return it to Long Meadow Farm this afternoon with a note that says "Thanks, but no thanks!" Either way, I'll let you know.

If you don't find this scene completely inspiring, then I don't know what to do with you:

Ooooooooohhhhhhh. It's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of CSA celery. What can I say? Sometimes I like to eat like a fourth grader.

And here's dinner from last night:

Soup is an excellent way to clear out the crisper the night before CSA pick-up day. This soup had squash, potato, kohlrabi, bush beans, lentils, and I don't know what else--but it was good.

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