Sep 23, 2010

Squash Extravaganza!

Wow. I can't believe I haven't posted in a week. I guess that's what a fancy, high-paying job can do to a girl. Kidding, kidding. If they paid me in snocones, I'd probably be better off.

Check out last week's share:

Isn't it pretty?

But really, what's a girl to do with so much butternut squash?

Make soup, that's what!

First you peel and cut the squash:

Then you pull out the CSA onions and potatoes that you have lying around:

You chop 'em all up, and throw 'em in a pot of boiling chicken broth, like this:

You wait until they're super soft, you mush everything up with an immersion blender and you've got perfectly creamy, virtually fat-free soup!

But if you're me, you add a few cups of whole mile and half a stick of butter--you know, just to bring out the flavor.

I also made a pork pot roast this week, and flavored it with CSA garlic and sage:

Made this big ass roasted squash thing filled with stuffing on the side:

And we had ourselves a meal fit for the 1950s!


  1. You should also try this recipe. So tasty. I'm making it tonight.

  2. about a hearty meal!!!

  3. WOW! Does Jared realize how lucky he is to have married such such a domestic goddess?