Sep 7, 2010

Week 13: Name that Vegetable

It's week 13 of the CSA, and as usual, we're swimming in vegetables:

Here's the breakdown:
4 onions
1 cucumber
2 bags of mixed greens for salad
2 summer squash
1 light green squash
2 bags of potatoes
2 bunches of celery
6 big tomatoes
2 bags of little tomatoes
1 bag of bush beans
1 bunch of turnips? radishes? I don't know...
1 bunch of beet greens
and some mystery vegetables

Here's a close up of the haul:

Wait. What the???

And get this, it's not the only mystery vegetable of the week. There's this one, too:

This white thing is about a foot long and just about as phallic as a vegetable can get--no jokes required.

So. Name those veggies...


  1. Parsnip is the white phallic veggie,Kohlrabi is the other science experiment veggie I belive its used in a lot of Indian cuisines.

  2. The white one looks like a Daikon radish - absolutely divine when sweet-pickled, Korean style. The green/purple ones are kohlrabi - german turnips.

  3. I love Kohltabi's, my grandparents always had them in their garden. Though the only way we ever ate them was raw and sliced up. The flavor can range from slighty sweet to almost a little spicy depending on how ripe they are. If they are too ripe they have a woody texture and no flavor.

  4. The octopus/ UFO looking one is kohlrabi.

    Is the other Parsnip? It looks rather carrot-like, so... that's my guess.

  5. I'm going to go with "Daikon Radish" for $500!

  6. I have never seen anything like that!