Jun 23, 2010

Pan Pizza with Spinach and Parmesean Crust

June 23, 2010

Tonight I made pan pizza with a spinach and parmesan crust. Basically I added a cup of chopped wilted spinach and two or three tablespoons of parmesan cheese to my regular pizza dough recipe. That's right, I have a standby pizza crust recipe--I really am that domestic.

Here's the pizza coming out of the oven:

I'm unreasonably proud of this pizza, so I took a picture of it on the cutting board, too:

Then I took pictures of every single family member posing with it. And a group shot, too. Don't sweat it, I'll spare you.

The pizza was unbefreakinglievably good. James and I each ate three pieces, and Jared had five. Considering the quantities of food that we consume on a regular basis, it's a pure wonder we haven't had to hire a crew of assistants to push us around in wheelbarrows.

At least it's a goal to work toward.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, when I reveal our third basket, which is rumored to contain copious quantities of garlic scapes. Now I know what garlic is, but for the life of me I've never heard of scapes. Doesn't it sound like some kind of a nasty STD?

..."Dude, you hooked up with her?!?! Everyone knows she's got the scapes. You're never allowed to ride my bike again."


  1. Home made pizza is the best! It is the only way I'll eat it.

    You should totally make Garlic Scape pesto with your new basket. It is so flavorful.

  2. Will you please share the whole recipe for the dough? I'm not so... domestic. :)

  3. I'll second the request for the dough recipe - I've never made pizza dough before, but I love the idea of baking it in a rectangular pan since I don't have round pizza pans!

  4. Here is a recipe for Garlic Scapes!


  5. That pizza looks delicious. So delicious that I almost want to hook up with it even though it might have scapes.