Jun 23, 2010

Taking the Health Out of Vegetables, One Recipe at a Time

June 23, 2010

Not gonna lie, I don't like kale. It's got a really strong flavor, a pretty stiff texture, and I've heard that it's the healthiest of any green vegetables on the planet--bad news all around.

Usually, in an effort to make it go away, I blend kale into green smoothies, but this week, I found a very successful alternative for kale masking--sausage.

I love sausage. All kinds. Kielbasa, bratwurst, salami, breakfast links--I could go on and on. Actually, I could probably write a love song all about it. But I won't. Instead, I'll show you this picture:

Bow tie pasta with olive oil, basil, kale, and Italian sausage.

There's no recipe--just put those four ingredients together in a frying pan, and learn how it tastes to live life to the fullest.

Fifty years from now, when we're all keeling over from acute angina, at least we can die knowing that we helped kale achieve its highest potential.


  1. Italian kale is really good. You can find it here: http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/italian-kale/Detail.aspx I also love adding this to some bow ties and parmesan. Ohhhh man.

  2. I really like kale! I tried those kale chips you posted a few days ago, and was pretty impressed.

    If you happen to come across any good recipes for squash, please share. I've had a lot given to me already this year, and I need ideas of what to do with it! The only thing I really know how to do with it is roast it...I've found casserole recipes, but I'm not a casserole person.

  3. Pam, We take our squash, slice it lengthwise, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt & pepper an grill. Easy & soo yummy! (We use summer squash & zucchini)

  4. I dislike kale too. I haven't tried masking it with sausage yet. I usually just pawn it off on my mil. (Oh thank you for babysitting...here, have a bunch of kale)