Jun 19, 2010

Picked Our Own Strawberries

June 19, 2010

You've probably noticed that CSAs are more about vegetables than they are about fruit. And seriously, how's a girl supposed to make a half decent pie from a bunch of leafy greens and radishes?  Because of reasons like cost, taste, health, and my spotlesssly clean image, I've pretty much bought this 'eat local' thing hook, line, and sinker. So, in our quest for fruit, we decided to keep it close to home and headed out for a morning of strawberry picking at the strawberry farm.

The first strawberry that James picked was absolutely ginormous. See?

He was like, "Mom! This thing is huge! Take my picture while I pretend it's video game controller."

I was like, "James, SHHHHHH. That strawberry is local--you should pretend it's a horse comb, or a classic novel or something, not a video game controller!"

That kid is so ridiculously embarrassing. I wish he'd work a little harder at preserving his mother's reputation.

Here's a picture of the strawberry field:

I posted this picture for two reasons. First, I can't get enough the that guy in the overalls (love him!), and second, that woman on the bottom right is my 88 year old neighbor.

There she is again, motoring along on her hands and knees (she likes to call 'em her prayer handles):

While I was snapping that picture, this guy came up behind me and said, "Why don't you stop taking pictures of your grandmother and help her instead."

I gave him a straight look, and with my most matter-of-fact tone I said, "That's not my grandmother, she's my step sister."

He had no reply. Besides, she doesn't want any help. If she needs help this year, it means she'll need even more help next year, and she's only 88--totally not ready for that.

Here's what we left with:

Grand total? $35.68. They were $1.60 a pound. That night when I went to grocery store I checked the price of strawberries, and get this--$2.99 a pound. They were from Mexico--lovely place for a cruise, not so much for growing my berries.

So, what do you do with a zillionteen strawberries? Well, you let your kid eat so many that he has diarhea at the supermarket, you put a big bowl in the fridge, and you freeze the rest:

That way he'll be able to poop his pants in the middle of the winter, too.


  1. Ok, so my family love, love, LOVES strawberries - we bought some FABULOUS strawberries from our Farmer's Market a few weeks back, and we ate them like crazy... I didn't even THINK to freeze them - how long can you keep them frozen? Any idea? Do they taste as great when thawed?? Just curious - if I can keep fresh strawberries around, even in the winter, that would be GREAT. Fruit pretty much SUCKS in the winter!

    Just have to say that I'm lovin' your new blog - you have inspired me, but I haven't moved in to action, YET. For one, I don't think we have anything like CSA around here that would be convenient enough (location-wise) - I know that sounds awful, but I have 3 active kids and as I'm sure you know, time is PRECIOUS! And then there's the husband obstacle - he's gonna take some work. ;)

    I LOVE seeing all of the great meals you whip up! :) Keep it up!

  2. Just wondering where you went to pick strawberries? I am looking for an organic place, considering my usual pyo (in dresden) was sidelined due to a late frost. thanks!

  3. Hey Heather...They're not organic :(
    They're from Stevenson's in Wayne. They have a website that you can google.

  4. Whoa! Now that's an @ssload of strawberries!

  5. ah, the joys of the mid-winter poops...