Jun 14, 2010

Public Service Announcement

June 14, 2010

Generally speaking, on any given night I can be found lying on the couch, watching the home shopping network (judge away, it won't change me), and snacking on something fabulous like BBQ potato chips, or mini Three Musketeers bars, or BBQ chips crushed up and sprinkled on top of Three Musketeers bars.

Last night, when my husband slipped out of the house to watch the Celtics game with his brother, I had every intention of eating my regular snack. But let me tell you, the strangest thing happened. Behold:

That's right. I channeled my inner Dwight Schrute and I snacked on beets. Orange marinated beets with bleu cheese to be exact. I'm shocked to tell you that Dwight's really onto something, because oh my word, that crap was some good. But as tasty as they were, I feel like I can't encourage anyone else to eat beets until I leave you with the following Public Service Announcement:

Beets will turn your pee maroon. You will think that you are dying. Unless you have a pre-existing condition, you are probably not.

Now go eat your beets.

In keeping with the theme of beets and bleu cheese, today's lunch was left over pasta topped with sauteed beet greens and bleu cheese. Fantastical:

Beet greens aren't nearly as disgusting as I thought they'd be. When I cooked them I was expecting the flavor of grass clippings mixed with spinach mixed with those tear jerker candies from seventh grade. I was wrong, they tasted more like vegan angel wings.

And for dinner, I once again defiled the bok choy with cheap conenience food--but daaaammmmmnnnn, it was good. The recipe can be found by clicking here:

Let he who does not secretly enjoy uncooked Top Ramen cast the first noodle.


  1. Maroon pee???

    I'm so buying some beets.

  2. so glad to know this about maroon pee! glad to know you tell it like it is :)!

  3. I fed Sarah some baby food beets when she was about a year old and it turned her poop red. I freaked out. I thought she was bleeding internally!

  4. get a good borscht recipe online, and try that out with all your veggies. It requires carrots, cabbage, onions, beets, tomatoes, sometimes potatoes, and a few spices... and a few other veggies that I'm forgetting at the moment. Yummm.

  5. mmmmmm I love beet pee almost as much as asparagus pee. Where is the beet recipe???

  6. Dwight would really be so proud.

  7. I adore beets. Where is the beet recipe though? I've relegated myself to canned beets on my salad because I haven't found a way to cook them that I like.

  8. Beet pee freaked my daughter out too.

  9. I LOVE beets. I'm going to try to make that.
    I have a funny beets story. I was in Africa - they are BIG on beets there. Beet salads with every meal, I swear. I was on a diet so I was living off beets. One night I had some wine too many. I started having a little rumble in my stomach (this is about to get gross). I ran to the bathroom and well, you know. It was all RED. Due to the wine, I forgot about the beets and thought I was hemorrhaging. I was going to bleed out in Africa and then get AIDS and die. In Africa. And my body would be stuck in Africa. I couldn't sleep. However, in the morning I realized it was just the beets.
    That is all.

  10. Um, also your poo will be red.

    Which I didn't put together, even though I knew that it turned your pee pink, for some time and spent the better part of the day thinking I was going to bleed out through the anus.

    And then when I began to confide in my poor mother about my butt issue it suddenly occurred to me. Though not before I had a minor hissy and my mom told me I was retarded.

    "Duh!" she says "I told you that every time we had beets when you were a kid. I knew you never listened."

    *Sigh* "Bleeding" butt and a guilt trip. My favorite combo.

  11. Your last sentence is hilarious.

    I get purple pee when I eat beets, and when I looked it up online (Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge) I discovered it doesn't happen to everyone! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beeturia.

    Interesting, hmm?