Jul 13, 2010

Accidental Vegan

June 13, 2010

I just realized, that for the last couple of days, I've unintentionally made a lot of vegan recipes. I swear, if there was a way to make animal-free steak, I'd jump on the bandwagon right this minute.

If you ignore the Ritz crackers over there, this soup is totally vegan:

I threw a whole mess of stuff into the crock pot (vegetable broth, a cubed CSA summer squash, a can of rinsed chick peas, a cup of brown rice, some CSA carrots, and 3 or 4 leaves of chopped CSA kale leaves) and let it go for a couple hours.

Believe it or not, it wasn't bad. Even my five-year-old ate a bowl without calling me any horrible, humiliating names.

Here's another fabulous vegan CSA creation:

Hash browns with rosemary, CSA green onion, and CSA kale chopped so small that I swear you don't even know it's there. We had these hash browns with grilled squash and chicken.

And this zucchini bread? It's vegan, too:

But only because I didn't have any eggs in the fridge. It actually turned out really well despite the lack of eggs. I guess a whole cup of sugar can fix anything.


  1. Yikes, Amy, these look good enough to be cookbook photos...not just saying that because you're my kid either.And noticing to the right, you're getting a longer ABC list there:))) Mine would be...A is for any kind of candy, B is for blue frsoting...C is for cake with blue frosting, D for , yup..Dunkin Donuts,etc:)

  2. Seriously! This doesn't run in the family genes. Where are you getting this from.

    E is for Egg Beaters (because I can't even crack an egg)

  3. Awesome. =)

    I've been trying the paleo thing lately - get the meat and veggies in without the carbs from pastas and such. Not so sure I'm liking it. I have too many fond memories and curves from fettuccine alfredo.