Jul 1, 2010

Baby Food and Garlic Scapes

July 1, 2010

During the Spring and Fall, Wednesday nights mean one thing, and one thing only--comedy night on ABC. Have you seen Modern Family? Have you seen The Middle? DO YOU WANT TO PLAY KERPLUNK?!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you should probably tune in.

But we all know that while the vegetables are kickasstic in the summertime, the television absolutely stinks. So Wednesday nights have turned from TV time to tomorrowisCSApickupdayandboywehavealotofvegetablestofinish night.  Sometimes it all comes together beautifully, and sometimes it's a little off the wall. I've got to say that last night was a total slam dunk:

Penne with garlic scape pesto and steamed broccoli.

This morning, when I was rummaging through the fridge for some chilled Yodels fruit salad, I was completely peeved excited when I realized that we'd forgotten two bunches or turnips way in the bottom of the crisper. Since I wasn't in the mood for a turnipy snack (strange), I turned 'em into baby food:

Moms, it's so super easy. Just boil the turnips, mash 'em up with a little bit of added water, and you've got a ridiculously happy baby on your hands. Check it out:

I know, she's so cute it's ridiculous. She's my little troll:

No, that comparison doesn't mean that I love her any less. C'mon, if you take the hair out of the equation, it's uncanny.

And before I sign off, I wanted to let you know that I finally figured out an awesome CSA dessert and another use for garlic scapes:

It's called Scapetacular Mocha Trifle. Basically you layer brownies, coffee pudding, real whipped cream, and Heath Bar crumbs. Then you stick a garlic scape on top. Then you take it off. Then you eat the trifle.


  1. garlic scape(Brick whsper "garlic scape" I have never heard of these until James had them on as antlers.) And the trifle picture made me just about have coffee coming out through my nose. Thanks.

  2. Sounds like a perfectly healthy dessert :)