Jul 10, 2010

Cabbage and Squash

July 10, 2010

This week, we got a whole mess of squash in our CSA basket. I love squash, James and Maggie love squash, but my husband? The man who will eat lightly breaded cow testicles? He plain old can't handle squash.

But this time around, he's been trying really, really hard.

On Thursday night, I made this:

It's nothing super special--just pasta with sauce from a jar, sliced up squash, and some fresh basil torn and tossed on top (okay, I guess that last part is pretty special). It was really easy to make--all I did was slice the squash super thin and put in the sauce to cook.

And guess what? My husband successfully swallowed two paper thin squash slices! Next thing you know, he'll be pooping in the potty! Yay!

Yesterday afternoon, I made cole slaw for lunch, and as far as cole slaw goes, this batch was particularly awesome--totally not the stuff you push off the side of your plate when you go out to eat at Friendly's:

It was really, really easy. Just toss all of this stuff in a bowl:

1 or 2 heads of chopped CSA cabbage
7 or 8 chopped CSA carrots
3 diced CSA green onions
1 bunch of CSA radhises sliced super thin
1 jar of store bought cole slaw dressing (becase I'm a cheater)
and a few sprinkles of poppy seeds

Happy eating!


  1. technically "cows" don't have testicles, but that's pretty gross anyway! mmm... love some squash!

  2. Try grilling that squash after tossing it in olive oil and seasoned salt - YUM!

    As for coleslaw dressing - a couple big spoonfuls of mayo, a splash of white vinegar, and a splash of apple cider vinegar (tastes awful by itself, but good for you!) and a tablespoon or so of sugar. Super easy!

  3. squash is one of those amazing veggie that you can blend right into the sauce and it becomes a "hidden" veggie. :) Love it. I wonder if you can make squash bread like zuccini bread?

    Uh oh, that isn't my name at the top. Oh well. This is really Erin.

  4. Hey Erin- you can. I made a yellow squash bread... it was ok, right Amy? Amy likes to create with her CSA... I just hide mine in baked goods.