Jul 22, 2010

Foods that Should Hump

July 22, 2010

We've already established that chocolate and zucchini should get together on a more regular basis. But you know what else should get to humping? Butter and soy sauce:

This is cabbage, sauteed in butter with almonds and sesame seeds, and sprinkled with soy sauce. The creamy butter and salty soy sauce? You could have bent me over and spanked me and I swear I wouldn't have noticed. It took me to another place.

And this? This was freaking good, too:

CSA green beans, rice, and pan fried scallops marinated in lime juice, olive oil, and CSA mint. The lime/mint combination never occurred to me until I did a little internet searching, but I've got to say, those two might think about getting a room tonight, too.

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